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Webinar Series Launch

We've launched the first in a series of 2021 webinars.

The UK Regional Group will host a webinar on in-hospital 3d facilities on the 19th Feb. at 13:00 UK time.

The decreasing cost of 3D design engineering technologies (and particularly printing hardware) has encouraged the development of in-hospital capability. Bringing 3D design engineering technologies closer to the point of healthcare delivery has potential merits: device designers and producers can work more closely with the prescribing medical specialists, which can be important in time-constrained hospital environments; and there is better opportunity to monitor outcomes and improve designs, which is important, given the relative infancy of custom medical device design using 3D design engineering methods.

However, several practical, technical, economic, institutional and regulatory barriers to the implementation of such methods in different regions have been reported. There are numerous reasons why 3D design and engineering technologies may still not be fully integrated into everyday practice. These reasons require discussion.

You can sign up here and download our flyer for social media sharing.

ADT Webinar Flyer 19-feb-21
Download PDF • 123KB

Participants will learn:

  • The multidisciplinary roles required for an in-hospital 3D design, 3d printing and engineering facility.

  • The challenges faced when setting up a lab in a public healthcare system in the UK and India.

  • The types of technology used and how they are used.

  • The potential future roles of in-hospital labs and how to ensure sustainability.

We have invited two speakers who bring a wealth of experience to the discussions:

Prof. Divya Mehrotra. Prof. Mehrotra has set up one of India's first public in-hospital 3d facilities. This has been established at King George's Medical University, Lucknow, India. This serves a huge number of patients, many of whom live below the poverty line. Her experience in setting up the facility and ensuring long-term sustainability will be extremely valuable to understand for those starting out in the world of in-hospital 3d technologies.

Peter Evans. Peter heads the Maxillofacial Lab at Morriston Hospital, Swansea, UK. This was one of the first labs in the world to embrace 3d digital design and manufacture technologies.

This webinar will establish the first in a series that promote discussion, explore current and future roles of advanced digital technologies in head and neck reconstruction.

If you are a researcher, industry-based technology developer or clinician, please get in touch to see how the ADT Foundation could work with you in this webinar series.

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