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Advanced Digital Technologies in Head and Neck Reconstruction
all disciplines involved in developing the use of innovative digital technologies in reconstruction of the head and neck


The ADT Foundation was created to connect, educate and inspire all disciplines involved in developing the use of innovative digital technologies in reconstruction of the head and neck. Originally founded in Canada, July 14, 2010, the ADT Foundation has become a global platform for organising conferences, workshops and other forms of education focussed on the development, application and future of head and neck reconstruction using technology.

You can read more about our history here.

We are a collaboration among:

About us



The ADT Foundation coordinate the biennial ADT international conference programs

With a diverse range of topics and interactive industry supported workshops, the ADT conference program is designed to offer a dynamic opportunity to connect and inspire the application of digital technologies in head and neck reconstruction. 

Conference and workshop topics include:

  • Surgical and prosthetic applications of ADT.

  • Virtual reality, haptics and immersive technologies.

  • 3D printing and additive manufacture.

  • Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

  • Robotics, navigation and micro surgery.

  • Regulatory, quality management and teaching.

  • Medical imaging.

  • Outcome measures.

And more. ​

The ADT Regional Leadership Groups have been established to grow the number of people and range of disciplines involved with the Foundation. The aims of the ADT Regional Groups are to:

  • Establish hardware and software guidelines and standards

  • Devise inclusive business models that benefit both industry suppliers and practitioners

  • Quantify and qualify measurement error

  • Promote the development of open standards for data exchange

  • Develop financial models that allow for digital technologies within the treatment program

  • Provide knowledge transfer of available systems and technological trends

  • Provide access to training resources, guides and training institutions

  • Facilitate the development of other worldwide groups such that together we can inform the ADT globally


To achieve those aims, this site acts as a discussion forum for each of the groups that arose from the conference. 


We are developing online content that helps to build a learning ecosystem. We welcome topic suggestions and industry partnering. 

Our Board and Members are here to coordinate the development of content that helps to inspire others in the development and application of ADT. 

Our Vimeo channel is live.


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You can also also join our special interest groups here.  

What we do


An important aspect of the ADT is that the clinical, industry and the science world all have an equal role to play in Advanced Digital Technology. This mandates that our Industry Partners actively participate in the ADT to present their technology development. In this manner, the ADT brings together colleagues from industry, clinicians, clinical scientists and basic scientists in to a synergistic environment.

Find out more about how to partner with the ADT Foundation here.

Industy partnering


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