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The UK Regional Group aims to develop and disseminate regionally-appropriate best practice in the use of advanced digital technologies in head and neck reconstruction.  Working with groups across Europe, and liaising with worldwide ADT regional Groups, programmes of workshops, conferences, forums and other educational media are provided to encourage a diverse range of disciplines from research, clinical practice and industry to collaborate.

Annual workshops provide a catalyst to present the latest innovations, discuss clinical challenges, identify and prioritise research opportunities, and feedback to a wide audience. In keeping with the ambitions of the ADT Foundation, the UK Regional Group encourages industry, research and clinical collaboration to ensure research is appropriately directed towards better clinical practice. 

The UK Group does not charge a membership fee, but joining the ADT Foundation will provide discounts to regional workshops and further benefits. 

The UK Group is organised by Dr Dominic Eggbeer and Peter Evans.  To find out more about the Group, contact Dominic or Peter.  You can also join the ADT Foundation here.  Details of forthcoming, previous workshops and UK-produced reports related to the field of digital technology in head and neck reconstruction can be found below.



19th Feb. 2021.     In-hospital 3d design and printing: a global perspective.

We will introduce how to set up in-hospital 3D design and printing facilities, the technology, expertise required and the challenges.

2018 UK Regional Leadership Group Workshop: June 15, 2018
Go to Workshop information page: 2018 UK Regional Workshop

2017 UK Regional Leadership Group Workshop: February 17-18, 2017
Go to Workshop information page: 2017 UK Regional Workshop

2014 UK Regional Group Workshop: July 24, 2014
Go to Workshop information page: 2014 UK Regional Workshop

Workshop Report: 2014 UK Regional Workshop Report

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