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Digital Technology in Facial Prosthetics

ADT Foundation Board members, Peter Evans and Dominic Eggbeer, recently hosted an online session on the use of digital technologies in facial prosthetics. This is available to watch here.

The use of digital technologies in facial prosthetics has many advantages, but there are also some significant limitations, which are covered during this video. The way technology is used has evolved over nearly 20 years of research and clinical application. From wax 3d printing of prosthesis forms, 3d printing of high resolution mould tools, wrapping soft based structures with high consistency silicone and metal additive manufacture of retention mechanisms, digital methods are gradually finding more routine clinical application. There is, however, still a lot of refinement needed in order to improve efficiency of digital methods.

The ADT conference programme also has a long history in running workshops on this topic. A workshop was hosted at the 2011 congress in Freiburg, Germany and various regional groups have also hosted workshops that have been supported by industry partners. Please join our special interest group to discuss research and collaboration opportunities with the ADT Foundation.

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