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The North American Regional ADT Group is led by Dr. Gerald Grant. 

2016 North American/Japan RLG Workshop

San Diego, California USA
June 16-18th, 2016
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2013 North American Regional Leadership Group Meeting


Grande Colonial Hotel
La Jolla, California USA
January 25-26th, 2013


The 2013 North American Regional Leadership Group (NARLG) conference was held at the Grand Colonial Hotel in La Jolla, San Diego, California. This was the second NARLG conference and the participation increased significantly. The event planners were RES Seminars, who provided the conference with a wonderful venue. La Jolla in Spanish means "The Jewel" and La  Jolla certainly provided a great meeting site.

As the ADT movement expended, international colleagues wished to initiate Regional Leadership Groups (RLGs). RLGs have thus far been established in North America, Japan and China and more recently the United Kingdom.  The RLGs provide opportunity for colleagues to meet and communicate in the periods between the International Triennial ADT Conferences. The RLGs are valuable in allowing regional interests to be developed and for colleagues within a region to get to know one another. The RLGs also provide a forum to colleagues that allows for development of regional strategies to participate in the International Triennial ADT Conferences.

The NARLG was attended by some 40 participants.  An exciting development was that seven companies a  not only served as exhibitors but also participated in the conference.  The conference was also attended by Professor Guo and colleagues from Peking University , Beijing, China and by Dr Kizu and colleagues from the Japanese RLG.  The conference was a busy event that included:


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The conference highlighted several aspects considered critical:

  1. The convergence of imaging, navigation and robotics is proceeding rapidly

  2. Surface and internal imaging technologies are expanding in technology types and their registration is of increasing importance

  3. Proprietary applications and pathways are likely to be self limiting for the future

  4. In the case of the ADT Foundation, the cooperation and collaboration of industry partners, clinicians and scientists is essential for future research and development


The conference was considered a great success and the NARLG look forward to the 3rd NARLG conference in 2015.

Dr. Robert Taft - Chair
Dr. Gerald Grant - Secretary

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