ADT Regional Groups

The ADT Regional Leadership Groups are being established to provide visioning sessions, presentations and discussion.

Aims of the ADT Regional Groups:

  • Establish hardware and software guidelines and standards
  • Devise inclusive business models that benefit both industry suppliers and practitioners
  • Quantify and qualify measurement error
  • Promote the development of open standards for data exchange
  • Develop financial models that allow for digital technologies within the treatment program
  • Provide knowledge transfer of available systems and technological trends
  • Provide access to training resources, guides and training institutions
  • Facilitate the development of other worldwide groups such that together we can inform the ADT globally
To achieve those aims this site acts as a discussion forum for each of the groups that arose from the conference. Please link to each Regional Group on the left sidebar to open the each group's web site and view current working agenda, to read its mission statement and to review its progress against set goals.

If you are interested in establishing a new Regional Leadership Group, kindly complete and submit the following application for board consideration:
>> RLG Application

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