The ADT Foundation was created to help identify and explore the future role of innovative digital technologies in reconstruction of the head and neck.

The ADT Foundation is a corporation founded in Canada, July 14, 2010 by the Canada Corporation Act. The missions of the ADT Foundation are:

  1. To advance education by improving the quality of knowledge in the fields of medicine related to head and neck reconstruction
  2. To organize and present conferences, workshops and symposia for professional development related to head and neck reconstruction, including the conference known as "Advanced Digital Technologies in Head and Neck Reconstruction"

The operations of the ADT Foundation may be carried on throughout Canada and elsewhere. The ADT Foundation's administration office has been appointed to RES Seminars, located in San Diego, California USA.

Contact Information- ADT Administration
RES Seminars
4425 Cass Street, Suite A
San Diego, CA USA 92109
Tel: 1 (858) 272-1018
Fax: 1 (858) 272-7687
Email: adt@adt-foundation.com

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